Garage Floor Coating

garage floor coating and motorcycleThere are many benefits to a garage floor coating. One common advantage we hear about from our customers is how easy it is to clean and that their homes actually stay cleaner because of it! You too can enjoy the benefits of a floor protected by Superior Garage Floor.

Garage Floor Coating Benefits

Chad and Amy, the owners, say these are the top benefits to a garage floor coating:

  • Easy to Clean
  • Resist Stains
  • Waterproof
  • Enhances Lighting
  • Maintenance Free
  • Looks Great

Superior Garage Floor Coating

garage floor coating and tableWe use a Superior product. Our garage floor coating is a hybrid process of a penetrating polymer, color flakes and a polyurea/polyaspartic. Learn about the different coating types here. This hybrid combination makes our product 8x thicker and stronger than other single one coat garage floor coating. Learn about our installation process here.

Garage Floor Protection

Bare concrete is susceptible to damage from the elements. However, a Superior garage floor coating protects your concrete from damage that can be caused by:

  • Salt from Department of Transportation
  • De-icing Agents from Department of Transportation
  • Gas
  • Oil

garage floor coating and barSalt and de-ice chemicals from the roads in Minnesota and Wisconsin get brought into your garage from your car. Over time, these salt deposits pit your concrete. These pits hold dust and dirt and make it difficult to clean. Cracks in your concrete can cause additional damage. When water gets underneath your concrete slab by seeping down through cracks, it freezes and thaws with the changing temperatures. This causes the concrete to heave and then retract, causing more cracks. Stains from oil and gas are common on an unprotected floor. The unsightliness of these stains is the least of your worries. The biggest problem is the residual oil or gas can be tracked into your house! The stains can also be slippery.