About Superior Garage Floor

Superior Garage Floor is an independently locally owned company. We are dedicated to
provide our clients with a beautifully protected garage floor with the highest quality products
and service.

All of our installers are trained, certified and employed by Superior Garage Floor.
We do not use subcontracted labor.

Customer Service

From your first contact to the completion of your project you will find professionalism
and satisfaction at every level. Our business has grown throughout the years because of
our happy clients referring us to their friends, family and neighbors.

What We Do

Floors, floors, floors. Garage floor coatings is all we do and we do it well. We do not distract
ourselves with other services like cabinets and wall systems. We focus 100% of our
efforts in providing you the highest quality, longest lasting Superior Garage Floor.

Our System

We have our own line of privately labeled products manufactured for us, rather than buying from a supplier, to meet the distinct needs of our customers in this climate. A Superior Garage Floor system is 8x thicker and stronger than other garage floor coating systems. This will ensure that your garage floor is better protected for maximum performance. We experience extreme weather changes here and the environments we bring into our garage change seasonally. From summer rains to winter snow, ice, dirt and salt, we seem to drag it all in with our vehicles. Also, the liquid de-icing agents used on the roads today have become more harsh to our garage floors than ever. A Superior Garage Floor system with its multi-layered structure provides strength, durability and flexibility. Our system is salt, chemical and abrasion resistant.

Like Superior Garage Floor?

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