Garage Floor Coating Installation Process

The garage floor coating installation process must be completed precisely to ensure it’s protection from the region’s elements. Here are the stages that our installers complete:

  1. Our team will use the mechanical process of diamond grinding the entire surface
    of the floor. The floor surface is ground down just enough to remove any
    contaminants that have accumulated on the floor. This process also opens up the
    pores of the concrete allowing the penetrating polymer base coat to soak in. The
    diamond grinding is a dustless process in that the grinders are attached to our
    industrial strength vac system. We have chosen diamond grinding over acid
    washing because no harsh chemicals are used. With diamond grinding there is no
    impact to the environment.
  2. Our installers will assess the garage floor to determine what repairs are needed
    for cracks, spalls and pitted areas.
  3. After our installers complete the grinding process the floor is completely
    vacuumed of any additional dust and debris. Our team will recheck and address
    any additional cracks or spalls.
  4. After all prep work is finished only then does the application of our product
    begin. The base coat is a thick mil, self leveling, penetrating polymer. After the
    floor surface is covered, color flakes are hand broadcast to rejection. More color
    flake is laid down than can be handled by the base coat to ensure complete
    coverage. While curing, the color flakes will intertwine and embed themselves
    into the base coat to create a multi layered structure.
  5. Once the base coat is cured our team will collect any excess color flakes, scrape
    and profile the ones that remain. The floor is thoroughly vacuumed again.
  6. 2 Topcoats

    garage floor coating layers

  7. Finally, 2 polyurea/polyaspartic topcoats are applied which will encapsulate the
    color flakes to create a seamless, slip resistant, protected surface. These topcoat are
    the highest quality, longest lasting protection for your garage floor.

If you are having your garage floor coating installed, we have contact information below for places to store your garage items during the day of install if needed:

Dart Portable Storage Inc.