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Western Wisconsin – (715) 307-7377
Twin Cities Metro – (612) 314-3252
St. Cloud- (320) 316-0299

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Warranty Information
Superior Garage Floor Limited Lifetime Guarantee warrants any surface coating delamination or peeling from the concrete surface. Warranty applies to residential garages.

Warranty does not apply to;
Concrete failure under the applied coating system. (heaving, popping, corroding, etc.)
Cracking of any kind. Cracking is caused by concrete movement, shifting, settling, etc.
Hydrostatic pressure, moisture intrusion or any other moisture related issue.
Damage incurred by customer negligence or abuse. Exposure to battery acid or
Acts of God.

Any repair needed after initial installation may be noticeable and have a slight variation of coating or color blend. We will attempt to minimize any variation.
Imperfections and variations in your current floor may still be visible after coating system is installed. Stem walls, steps and any vertical surfaces may vary in appearance from the floor finish.
Saw cut and zip strip joints will be filled. These filled joints may be slightly visible when the coating is complete. If the slabs shift the joint may crack and may show through the coating. This can be repaired, but is not warrantied.

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